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The CareMetric System® is a patented mattress pad embedded with sensors that fits on standard hospital or nursing home beds. The data from the sensor mat is collected and analyzed to provide care alerts via pages to nurses and facility administrators. The features of the CareMetric System® include:

  1. a repositioning alert that notifies nurses when a patient needs to be repositioned
  2. a fall alert that will notify nursing staff with an alert when a patient at-risk for fall injuries nears the edge of the bed or starts to leave the bed
  3. an elopement alert will notify nursing staff if an elopement risk patient leaves the bed for a significant amount of time
  4. different reports that provides snapshots and historical evidence of when care was provided and whether it was timely
The CareMetric System® provides the nursing staff with the tools to perform their job better and administrators with information to monitor the performance of their staff.